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Practice Areas

Developing innovative strategies is an important challenge, but implementation is usually the larger one. What makes strategy implementation difficult is obtaining an alignment of strategy, structure, organizational culture, performance measures, and rewards. We can help you with both. Develop strategies with methods that ensure buy-in and employee engagement, and design performance measurement and compensation systems that keeps everybody's focus on strategic goals.
CSR & Sustainability Implementation

With growing sensitivity toward social, environmental, and economic issues and shareholder concerns, companies are increasingly striving to become better corporate citizens. Be among those that manage to transform CSR & sustainability into competitive advantage.

Risk Management, Compliance & Ethics

Although compliance requirements may be the catalyst for leaders to address the issues of risk management, effectively managing organizational risks carries with it the potential to yield significant benefits. We help you identify, measure and manage organizational risks for improved performance.

Aligning Compensation and Strategy
Incentive and reward systems can be a critical tool to implement strategies and align the interests of the organization, senior managers and all employees. Learning from some of the best-practice organizations from all over the world, we help you build innovative variable compensation systems and provide incentives for the right behavior.
HRM & IT Performance Measurement

Investments in employee training & development and IT are often made without the rigor of measurement of either the

benefits or total costs of such investments. We have methodologies and tools to help you measure HRM and IT ROI to prove your returns.


Strategy Development with the Balanced Scorecard 3rd Generation

Develop innovative strategies and increase your organization's performance. We have helped numerous organizations develop their strategies with the Balanced Scorecard 3rd Generation Methodology. This methodology, designed by 2GC Active Management UK, is more efficient that the previous generations and provides better functionality and more strategic relevance


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